Make Money Online Too!

Although we still make the personalized books, because we want the children to be stars in their own stories, we are not doing it for the money because we discovered a new way of making money online (serious money) and we are inviting you to join the community.

Click below to watch the video, and if you have a quick question after, (detailed ones will be answered by your coach), send me a text message at 571-247-1791.  My name is Sherifa.  Watch first though, only supporting you if you are ready for CHANGE!

I put some notes below which could guide you a bit.

Click here and  watch the video now

All you will need to start making money is an internet connection. Training takes about 10 days (at least 1 hour per day). You decide at what level you want to start marketing depending on how much you want to make per month.  Your job is to find interested people, and that's it.  They do the rest.  You could find these people on facebook, instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, search engines, e-mails, plus many other ways like people you know and these people you bring in can be from any country. If you can have at least 25 participate, you are off to a very good start!  You get guidance from the experts.

You set your goal e.g. $5000 a month could be reasonable to start with. But as you move up, you make more as you will see in the video. Please also note that you could use this training to promote your own products, but it's easier if you stay with this company.  All they do is digital marketing, physical products.  Just follow their steps.

Sign up to see what is in the back office! Make sure you schedule to talk to your assigned coach immediately. You choose the time convenient to you on the coach's calendar. 

As soon as you end that call with your coach, just FOCUS, follow the steps and change your life! It's sad that many people join but don't even start on the first step opened by their coach.  Please don't be like them!

When asked how you learned about this your answer is Honest Souls (Sherifa). Get to the introductory video