God's Special Gifts To Me

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We are all God’s children. He made us and loves us, and this personalized story reminds us of the many blessings we experience everyday using the five senses He gave us. This book also accounts for God’s gifts of wisdom, forgiveness, prayer and love and explains how we benefit from each. It is an inspirational story for all young children.


  • For ages 0-8
  • This is a quality hard-cover personalized children's book
  • Washable hard covers
  • Fully illustrated color pages
  • 36 pages


God's Special Gifts To Me - The detailed story

As you read the story below substitute the underlined information with yours.  This is just a sample, your book will be made using the details you provide on the order form.

  • Page 1 - The book title and picture illustrations
  • Page 2 - More picture illustrations
  • Page 3 - "God's Special Gifts to Me" was created especially for Michael Jeremy Smith at the age of 8, with love from Mom and Dad , April 21, 1999
  • Page 4 - Every child on God's earth is precious in His sight.  All He asks is that we try to do things that are right.   When God looks down from heaven Mike Smith can feel His gaze.  At 8 years old in Atlanta, he is blessed in many ways.
  • Page 5 - Picture illustrations
  • Page 6 - More picture illustrations
  • Page 7 - Mike thanks God for mornings that turn into bright days; Filled with friends and story times beneath the sun's bright rays.
  • Page 8 - He must have taken special care when giving Mike Smith sight.  To see the butterflies by day and shining stars by night.
  • Page 9  - Picture illustrations
  • Page 10 - More picture illustrations
  • Page 11 - Mike's nose is such a wondrous gift, it smells all kinds of things.  Like fresh cut grass and hot fruit pies, and flowers in the spring.
  • Page 12 - Mike listens very quietly while Mommy reads a book.  Where is that music coming from?  The window, take a look!
  • Page 13 - Picture illustrations
  • Page 14 - More picture illustrations
  • Page 15 - Mike loves to picnic at the beach; he's happy he can taste.  The sweetness of fresh fruit galore; none ever goes to waste.
  • Page 16 - Mike uses God's gift of touch when giving friends a hug, and with his finger he explores cold water, rocks and bugs.
  • Page 17 - Picture illustrations
  • Page 18 - More picture illustrations
  • Page 19 - With friends and loved ones all around, Mike knows he must be kind.  In Atlanta, everyone agrees he's the best friend you can find.
  • Page 20 - The gift of thoughtfulness is grand.  Mike uses it each day to help when someone needs a hand.   "Thank you!" His friends all say.
  • Page 21 - Picture illustrations
  • Page 22 - More picture illustrations
  • Page 23 - God wants us to be helpful and at 8 years old, it's true, Mike is the biggest help around when there's a job to do.
  • Page 24 - Sometimes it's hard to wait when Mike wants something "Now".  He knows he must be patient, God will show him how.
  • Page 25 - Picture illustrations
  • Page 26 - More picture illustrations
  • Page 27 - When Mike must make a choice between what's right and wrong, God shines His light of truth and guides Mike right along.
  • Page 28 - God knows Mike will make mistakes that leave him feeling sad, but God forgives us all our sins and this makes Mike feel glad.
  • Page 29 - Picture illustrations
  • Page 30 - More picture illustrations
  • Page 31 - Because Mike loves to talk to God, his prayers are always heard.  he is so thankful God is near to hear his every word.
  • Page 32 - Mike's bedtime prayer:

Now I lay me down to sleep.  I pray the Lord my soul to keep.  Angels watch me through the night and wake me to Thy golden light.  Oh, and God, bless my family and bless my friends, Larry, Wayne and Bob.   Amen.

  • Page 33 - Picture illustrations
  • Page 34 - More picture illustrations
  • Page 35 - In his hometown of Atlanta, Mike Smith is quite well known for being one who's thankful for the things no one can own.   To his friends he often says, "Please listen carefully.  I want to tell you all about God's Special Gifts to Me!"
  • Page 36 -  This page is used to record the child's name, Place of Worship, Favorite Sunday School Teacher and Favorite Bible Song, after the book is received.

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